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About 2021 Evivve Championship

The 2021 Evivve Championship is an opportunity to show the world that your team is the most collaborative and effective! 

Through the championship you and your team will go through a series of difficult challenges set in MOGL: Evivve. Your team will need to work together and perform critical tasks in order to conduct the most important research upon which hinges the survival of our species. 

So gather your team and sign up to show the world that you and your team has what it takes to Evolve! 


A ground breaking game


Leadership Skills


Championship Badge


Hall of Fame



Team formation and qualifying round. 50 teams will play. 8 will move ahead.


4 Teams with the highest ‘Team Effectiveness Score’ will move to finals.


A live showdown between 2 teams. Each will face unprecdented challenges and they must Evolve!

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What's Evivve?

Imagine a classroom learning experience in which people play a game to learn. People are screaming over each other to achieve a 'game' objective. We've all been through or know of something like that. Now take away the classroom and put it in a virtual environment. 

That's what you can expect when you join - A fun and engaging learning experience.