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Engage teams in physical and virtual environments

Trusted by many Fortune 500 companies globally

Interactive Play

Our multiplayer platform encourages players to work with each other to progress in the game


Engaging Storylines

Storylines that connect and cause players to come back and continue play

Chat Functions

A place where players can have those 'water cooler' conversations. Chat is a core element of the game-play

Adjustable Modes

Enable both collaborative and competitive modes using compelling leaderboards that inspire action

Customizable Content

Customize the content of your engagement program to communicate exactly what you want your teams to know


Flexible Deployment

Run your engagement program in a fully physical, completely digital or hybrid of the two

Quick Deploy

Set up and launch the game in less than 2 hours and make edits on the fly. 

Peer Feedback

Cultivate peer relationships with our native in-game feedback mechanisms



Engage Millennials, Gen Y and Zs

Reduce Engagement Costs


Employee Retention


Net Promoter Score




User Journey

Select An Avatar

To get started


Complete Challenges

To earn points

Unlock Superpowers

To save the planet

Work as a Team

To contribute superpowers

Save Cities

To gain rewards

Compare Team Scores

To win over other teams

Teams get to compete with each other to win first

Multiple reward mechanisms. More than one way to win

Run several game rounds for long term engagement

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