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MOGL: Evivve

Multiplayer Online Game-based Learning

Trusted by many Fortune 500 companies globally

Interactive Play

Our multiplayer platform encourages players to work with each other to progress in the game


Engaging Storylines

Storylines that connect and immerse learners in a fresh, new world

Virtual Learning

Rich and interactive game-based learning in completely virtual formats

Journey Compatible

Fully compatible to learning journeys that span up to nine months

(See the sample journey) 

Fast Paced

Learners take away meaningful learning in less than 2 hours of game-play.

(See the range of competencies ) 


Insightful Reporting

Gain insights on learner's capability and capacities

Easy to understand reports that bridge the gap between game and real-life behavior

Benchmark data that compare game-play scores of similar industries and player backgrounds

Data that empowers the learner -encouraging them to take ownership of their areas of development



Enable Behavioral Shifts

Create Measurable Change

Engage All Types of Learners

Develop Awareness 

& Realization





How it Works

Learners Download App

Log into VC

To get started

Learn to Play

With the facilitator's help

Design a Strategy 

and play with a team

Reflect on the Play

Through guided facilitation

Want to get involved?



Case Studies


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