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Gamified LMS for innovative learning practitioners 

Trusted by world-class learning practitioners


Customize the  content and design of your  program to deliver exactly what you want your learners to take away



Alter the duration and run games for as little as ½ day or as long as 90 days


Run your learning programs in a fully classroom, completely digital or hybrid of the two


Choose between multiplayer or single player modes so learners never have to wait for quorum to learn


Adjust the difficulty level to make your learning program easy/difficult to engage learners with varied IQs. 


Real-Time Analytics

Know the engagement levels of your learners with reports

Check learner's content comprehension

Use our benchmark scores to gain insights on how your learners map against the industry

Analytics help you know how engaged your learners are with your learning program



Enable Behavioral Shifts

Create Measurable Change


All Types

of Learners

Develop Awareness 

& Realization




Plug and Play

as a standalone tool

Works out of the box. No need to chase IT - Superhero Within works with or without other technologies

How it Works

Learner Journey

Select An Avatar

To get started

Complete Challenges

To earn points

Unlock Superpowers

To save the planet

Work as a Team

To contribute superpowers

Save Cities

To gain rewards

Compare Team Scores

To win over other teams

Teams get to compete with each other to win first

Multiple reward mechanisms. More than one way to win

Run several game rounds for long term engagement

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Connect with us to explore how we can help you achieve your learner engagement goals



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